She Loves you – Yeah – Yeah – Yeah

At Eight Years old I came home from school crying, my Mother said “have you done something wrong? I was slightly afraid of her as she ruled the family roost and admonishment from school was a more painful prospect than parental opprobrium.

“Well tell me then John” she said.  I had loved music from the womb and the crime was bringing a Beatles song book, which she had brought, into class.  Sister Margaret Mary – The Boss had said to me “how dare you bring this scurrilous rubbish into class? Long haired louts without talent or a future – what an example”.  My Mother, though a devout Catholic, turned up at the school and stood her ground, convinced that music would help her son to pursue his dream.

Despite her religious roots, my Mother saw a difference between faith and creative suffocation.

PS The Beatles did quite well.